5 Ways to Go All Out on Black Friday

Your heart is racing…your feet at at the starting line…you look down at your watch…5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Is it one of the many outdoor sporting events in Broome County? No, it’s Black Friday!

Black Friday can be a great day for businesses and economic development which is great for the community, but maybe you want to stay away from the crowds, burn those Thanksgiving calories, try out that great gear you got a deal on, or show visiting family and friends a good time. Here are 5 great ways to Go All Out this Black Friday (and beyond).

  1. Go Biking. Find a great Black Friday deal on a bike? Broome County has an extensive bike route network, a great way to get active and see the sites of Broome County. Still looking to get some biking experience before you head out on the open road? The Two-Rivers Greenway is a system of multi-use off road trails that includes the Vestal Rail Trail, Chugnut Trail, Chenango River Trail, Otsiningo Park Trail and more. Check out the Biking layer on our website for some great places to bike.
  2. Go Birding. Get out those binoculars, or that fancy new camera or smartphone. There are some great places to check out wildlife, especially some awesome birding spots. We have been blessed with beautiful rivers that are home to herons, eagles and more. You might even catch a peek at the Peregrine Falcons right in Downtown Binghamton. The Naturalists’ Club of Broome County  is a wealth of information to get you started, along with New York’s I Bird NY program.
  3. Go Hiking. (or walking or strolling) There are so many great places to enjoy the peace and serenity of the forest, or stroll along the river, or take in the rhythmic sounds of the city. Our Hiking page has trails to meet all of your needs. Find trails of many distances and difficulty. From natural trails like Hawkins Pond Nature Area, to paved trails with easy accessibility like Otsiningo Park, you can find the place for you. Early snow can be a great opportunity to give snowshoeing a try too. The Triple Cities Hiking Club is a great resource and a great way to meet other hikers.
  4. Go Running.  This is a great time of year to run. The heat of the summer has passed, but you don’t have to jump over puddles of ice quite yet (hopefully!), so lace up those new kicks and charge up that fitness tracker that you found on sale and head out for a run. Our Hiking page works for finding running spots too. And since this is the season of togetherness, why not get together with a running group for some motivation and accountability. The Triple Cities Runners Club and Binghamton Area Trail Runners (BATS) are great groups to get involved in with opportunities for all running abilities with activities year round. The unique Twilight Trails series by BATS a great way to get a unique perspective on some otherwise familiar trails.
  5. Go shopping. “How does shopping = Go All Out?” you might ask… Well there are lots of great local farms and great places that sell farm products. Supporting these businesses keeps these farms going. Farms not only support the local economy, but they also help preserve the beauty of our  wide open spaces, as well as the history and character of our rural communities. Even though it is late in the year many of these products are still available. Check out our Agritourism page for some great spots where you can shop for local farm goods. The Broome County Regional Farmers Market also features many of our local farms and they are open on Saturdays all year round. So even if you can’t visit all of the great farm markets ON Black Friday, you can spend some time planning out your visits for the weekend. Speaking of which, did you know that Small Business Saturday is the very next day?